Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Use what you've got around you...

Mom recently took an online class "Art of Silliness 3" by Carla Sonhiem
One of the assigments of the day was to make a face with what you have around you. This is what she came up with...too cute!! The paper under the face is a background I was using to paint on. The eyes are candles, nose is a nut, eyebrows and mouths are a peice of old cording...clever, mom, simply clever!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dogs Eat...Cats Dine

Thanks to Teesha Moore and YouTube, I got a chance to do something different in my journal. This was a blast! We started with a border around the edge of the journal page, added some cut-outs from a magazine and started a funny picture. Added some fancy eyes, whiskers, pail of fish, wavy lines and fun pen strokes....and there you go, a great page! Thanks Teesha for the inspiration and trying something new.