Saturday, November 13, 2010

Collage Class with Karen O'Brien

Ok, I am a fan of Karen's work and love the way she teaches! Mom and I took another class from Karen O'Brien today. We worked an Red Rosin paper that you can buy very cheap at Home Depot. Then we used gesso, painted, marked, mono printed, painted some more, collaged, stamped and everything else you can imagine. We learned about the different types of paints, translucent and heavy bodied, glues, gel mediums and more, learned some new things. This piece is about 17" x 24" large. It's all about layers. And layers and layers and layers....did I mention layers?? Yep, layer more and takes on a life of it's own. You start off thinking what the outcome would be, but you end up with something completly different....wonderful class....thanks Karen! I look forward to the next class.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Seasons

Well, mom is at it again....she has created another great little book out of the cardboard from an Italian Salad Dressing box. She even took the time to look up words in Italian to put on the inside of her cover....very clever mom! Stay tuned, she has more ideas up her sleeve...

Dance my Angel

Thanks to Karen O'Brien and her classes, this is another altered photograph. I added a black background to the photo and sewed on a few rows of fiber to add a little interest. After stamping on the letters of the poem, I added a little gold thread around the edges...I am pleased with the outcome.