Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mom's Chair

It's been a long summer! Lots of things have been going on like vacations, resting and having tons of fun! So one day I was feeling very creative and decided to start working on Mom's chair. This is a chair that she found somewhere many years ago and painted it an adorable yellow and sponge painted white on top. After many years out in the weather it needed a little help. Mom asked if I would collage it. Sure, why not! I had just finished a table for my sister. I do believe that Karen O'Brien has created a monster in me...I just love to collage! Nothing is safe in my house. Someday my partner will come home and I will have collaged everything including the TV!

With lots of love, paper, glue and paint the process begins. My favorite papers to use are maps, book pages, music and a coloring book page (this makes for interesting marks). Layers after layers are put on the chair. Karen taught us NOT to fall in love with any one section because before you know's changed. I love to watch it transform from one look to the next after each layer. Add a coat of transparent paint to the end and watch it change again.