Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Intuitive Journal

This past weekend, my sister, who is an artist/teacher on Whidbey Island in Washington State, recently came down and taught a couple of classes in the Southern Oregon area. The class I took from her was "Intuitive Journal" was a timed journal. Let me explain, in 15 minutes we were to paint papers she had given us. Cardboard, old calendars, torn out large coffee table book pages, etc. Paint, just paint them any way we wanted. Then she gave us 20 minutes or so to look through magazines and cut or tear out pictures, words and textures. Then we had a few minutes to find words from old, well loved books for "found poetry" get the idea. What you end up with is a great journal that really found you...thanks, Wendy! If you have a chance go visit her blog...she's in my "Creative Souls"

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  1. thanks for the "plug", much-younger-sister! i really had a good time sharing that with you and so happy that it make your condition. i love making them, too, and ALWAYS come away with something intriguing......xoxoxo