Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mini Me

Meet Mini of the projects mom and I wanted to do was an Altoid Doll. Mom knew right away that she wanted to use her stickers off of fruits and veggies she had been collecting. It took me a little longer to decide what I wanted my doll to be...then it hit me. I will make ME! A self study of myself. I started collecting small items that represented me. The house we (my partner Cat) were in the middle of building, a heart with a 4, for my quad by-pass, music staff for the love of music and the group Sweet Adelines that I was in. Puzzle pieces and a strip from a Simplicity pattern. I even carved a toothpick to look like a crochet hook and made a little skein of yarn for my love of crocheting. Crazy blonde hair that sticks up...yep, that's me! It was interesting to see what I thought about myself and what I collected for this mini me. This project took us about 8 weeks or so and about 16 hours.

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