Friday, July 30, 2010

Canvas Journal

A few months ago my sister was in town and she had this fabulous canvas journal. As I loved on it, I had to know more about how it was made. She sent me the information about how the artist had made this cover.

Canvas, gesso, acrylic paint, pens, leather strap and a fun button!

We (mom and I) set out to find just the right canvas for this project. We found a nice heavy weight fabric at our local fabric store, Plaza Sewing & Quilting Center in Grants Pass. We also found the button we used on the front.

We cut the canvas the size we wanted with an extra length for the flap. With gesso, we painted the front and let it dry. It gave it a nice base for the colors we wanted to add. Then came the fun part. Paint! We chose our paint and began to spread the colors. At first it was a little scary, but had to remember to layer the colors. We used all sorts of tools to cover the surface. One of my favorite tools to use is an old credit card. It helps move the paint around. I also found a old fingernail cleaning brush. That really helped blend the colors and get the paint into the cloth. After we painted we let the book cover dry over night. The next day we put a coat of Golden's Gloss Medium. It gave the book cover a nice shine. If you like a matt look omitt the gloss finish. Next came the sewing of the signatures. We both did 3 signatures with about 3-4 pages each. Sewing was basic, we did the running stitch. Added the button to the front for the closure. Mom added beads to the ends of her leather strip, it really finished it off. Mom's book in the one on top and mine is the on the bottom. After finishing the book I thought of all sorts of ideas we could do. Cat and I just got back from visiting family and friends in Southern California. I think I will make a cover to reflect where we have been. Write a little about our trip. I did save some mementos from the vacation. Maybe the word Hollywood or SO CAL on the front cover.....hhmmm, will give that some thought.

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  1. wow! you all did it! congrats....great results. i'm loving the oversized buttons. makes me wanna go make some more, too! ox