Monday, September 6, 2010

Rebound Books

Mom's Rebound Books.... recently I bought a book called "Rebound", it has all sorts of books that you can make with objects you have around the house. As mom and I were chatting the other day in her kitchen she was telling that she was going to use the box for art fodder. Remembering the Rebound Book, I suggested that she try the idea in the book. Well, the woman went crazy! I am so proud of her. The Wasabi Book and the Bouquet Garni Book were both that cardboard grey color on the inside, so she painted both and dazzled up the Wasabi. She used oversized envelopes that she received from her art teacher a few years ago. On the Bouquet Garni book, she added some letters to make "soup" to each of the signatures. A simple long stitch to hold the signatures in place. Great job Mom!

1 comment:

  1. okay, those are about the cutest things i have seen! my goodness. the woman has gone insane, but artistically so! lovelovelove them! good job, sharon!!! i wanna make some now......