Monday, January 31, 2011

Collaged Mats

Ok, this was a lot of fun! And I have to make more! Cat asked what would happen if you collage a mat for a photo....well, I wondered....why not!?! So the next time we were at Michaels Craft Store, we picked up a couple of photo mats that fit a 4x6 photo. I cruised through my old photos and found a couple that I thought needed to be matted. Away I collaged. I like to use old books, maps, sheet music and a little fun for the elements. Once again I have to thank Karen O'Brien for the collage lesson. That women rocks!

The first, of course, is Keiko the killer whale. We got a chance to see him when he was up in the aquarium in Newport, Oregon back in 1996. Huge, beautiful animal! It was stormy that weekend, so his water was a little cloudy. If you wanted long enough, he would appear from the murky water straight to the window and look at all of us. Oh, he was a site.

Next was a place called Fountains Abby in North Yorkshire, England. The architecture was amazing. Some people leave their heart in San Fransisco? I left mine at Fountains Abby. Mom and I got the chance to come back at night and listen to a men's choir sing some up to date songs. Seemed odd in such a magnificent place.

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