Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hollywood Journal

Well, I finally got the outside of the Hollywood Canvas Journal finished! Whew.... that can take some time looking for just the right closure and buttons and .....stuff! It has been fun adding stickers, letters and finding pictures to add to the inside of the journal for visual fun. The trip begins....

I have written before that mom and I are trying very hard to use things we already have or given to us. So, why not use a book of maps for the inside pages?? I tried to stick with the California maps the best I could....I have never been crazy about my hand writing so I found much easier to type out the trip on the computer.

We found a great little coffee shop very close to the place we were staying....

We visited with Cat's grandma Virginia before she passed about a month later. What a lovely visit we had playing cards and reminiscing with old photos. Miss Virginia, you will be missed.

This was a great experience and I think I will make trip journals in the future...


  1. I like the color of the cover and the whole idea.

  2. Thanks Helen...it was a blast to do....how are you?