Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Fat Man is coming!

Christmas is on it's way and I am getting ready to make some canvas journals to give away...
Get a nail brush, paint and gesso'd canvas and paint your little heart out. I like using the nail brush to move the paint around and it's good for getting the paint in the canvas.
After it dried I put a coat of Golden Gloss Medium. I like a little gloss of the covers. It's not too much, it's just right. Hard part is waiting for the gloss to dry. Waiting, waiting and wait some more....
Sew a few signatures and add a button and a closer...then they will be ready for wrapping and giving them away.


  1. uhhh, i'm your fave sister, right???????????????????????

  2. Thank is so much fun to play with paint and I am loving the colors too! ;o)

  3. Yes, are my fave sister.....wait, you are my ONLY sister....hhhmmm, let's see what Santa can do